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Mixing Music with Magic: Meet Turk-E

About me

     Turk-E is has made his mark in the NYC music scene as one of the most versatile party rockers in today’s hottest  events & venues. Curating wide range sets of House with Funk, Rock, Trap, Soul and Hip-hop influences along side his custom remixes, his impact is felt on the dance-floor 

     With multiple bookings across the US, his style of mixing various genres has become in high demand for private events & party goers alike, generating Turk-E followers, music downloads, and invitations to perform at special events. He also holds residencies and host events in various venues throughout his home town of NYC. 

     In addition to party rocking Turk-E is also a known educator and the current music curator and event planner manager for Paragon Music Co, an award winning private event service. 


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